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Jul 13

Vacation Bible School

Tonight Gadget and I attended Vacation Bible School. Now, it has been YEARS since I attended VBS. It definitely had to have been in the 80s. This was a special event for me, to see my son in front of a church body presenting. As a young girl, I gained confidence from the many activities the black church promotes. I probably gave my first public speech in the church, and had a loving audience to…

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Aug 26

Two Faiths, One Prayer

On Sunday hubby and I attended church with the boys. We went to the Church of Notre Dame, which is a predominantly white church on Columbia’s campus. It is very close to our house, and we frequently walk home from church. Hubby was raised Catholic, and I, Baptist. I was never attached to a specific denomination within Christianity, so when I entered College, I began attending New Life International Family Church, now in Lithonia, GA,…

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