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We are a married couple with three beautiful kids: Gadget, the Lion, and the Caterpillar. My husband graduated from Morehouse College, and I graduated from Spelman. SpelHouse is a term which refers to the union of Spelman and Morehouse graduates. We were both dual-degree students, so we have undergraduate degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. This blog began about our life and our family, and how in 2 years, with 2 kids we graduated with 2 MBAs, and is now about our 6 years of marriage, our 2 kids, and home in Texas.

My hubby was born on November 19, 1979 in Diego Martin, Trinidad. He grew up in Trinidad, and came to the states in 1999 to attend Morehouse College. He met his wife (me!) in 2002 at the National Society of Black Engineer‘s convention in Orlando, Florida. He is currently a recent graduate of NYU Stern’s School of Business where he specialized in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He works at an MLT partner company.

I was born on September 15, 1980 in Minneapolis, MN and here are 25 random things about me. I grew up in Minnesota until leaving in 1999 to attend Spelman College. I am also a recent graduate of NYU Stern’s School of Business. I specialized in Marketing and work as a Marketing Manager also at an MLT Partner company.


We live in north Texas and love it.

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