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Why Bedtime Routines are the New Mommy Hack

Lots of things work for babies that we forget to continue as adults. Fingerpainting, laughing, and crying when you’re sad – those are the basics. Seriously, when you were little we all thought we were good at drawing, right? Babies are seriously onto something. They’re totally comfortable in their own skin, they bravely try new things, and my favorite to re-adopt, they take naps. Enough said. They even notice the seemingly mundane things like how intricate church ceilings are. So why have we abandoned these amazing traits? It’s super cool to take naps, trust me. And to have a bedtime routine. If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, or not feeling totally rested in the morning, it may be time to reinstitute the bedtime routine from your childhood. At a certain point it’s time to wind down, log off, hit the X in the right corner, leave your phone charging in another room, take a bath and go to bed.

A few weeks ago I did a little Facebook research on bathing at night, and my mommy circle taught me four great reasons why I should incorporate bathing at night into my bedtime routine.

1. You Sleep better
After a soothing bath in yummy smelling, steaming hot water I can destress and wind down from the day, and I truly sleep better. One night I did just the opposite for Miss C after bathing her in commercial soap that totally irritated her eczema. Using super soothing, gentle and hypoallergenic bath time products is a must. A new one for you to try is The Honest Company’s Baby Bottom Wash. It helps clean those areas that sometimes itch, even for adults (hehehe).

2. More Time in the Morning
I’m like Flash from Zootopia in the morning. No matter how early I wake up, I can’t seem to move fast enough. As the day kicks off and I feel the hustled rush to get out the door, I’ve resorted to writing down a morning list on the bathroom mirror to keep me on track. Having just five more minutes makes a huge difference between feeling super stressed and just regular stressed when I leave the house.

3. Clean Sheets
Many of my mommy friends credited keeping clean sheets as the top reason why they bathe at night. Something about washing off the yuck of the day transforms them into sleeping bunnies.

4. Free of Distractions
Having uninterrupted time is HUGE. This reason alone is compelling enough to bathe at night. If you have a house full of people like me, alone time is sacred and cherished. I anticipate breaking out my bath products and soaking with Netflix to treat myself to “me time” before lights out.

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  1. Adriana says:

    Enjoying everything here- and wishing you all God’s blessings!

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