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This Thermos Saved Us $360

After my recent playground duty experience, I stumbled upon these cute little thermoses on a few lunch tables. Miss C refuses to eat cold food after being spoiled by hot lunches everyday at day care. She looks at you sideways if you even think of packing her a cold lunch. Sandwiches, no! Cheese and crackers, no! PB&J, absolutely not! Don’t even think about bagels and cream cheese. I ordered one immediately and packed it with spaghetti for Miss C yesterday. It actually keeps food hot for four hours which is just long enough to make it to lunch time for her. Of course, after the boys saw the thermos they wanted one as well. Thankfully, they come in a ton of cute designs on

After paying attention to how we spent every dollar paying off our student loans, I would cringe paying $4-5 bucks for Miss C’s lunch at school everyday AND the portions are teeny tiny. When compared to a home packed lunch, we were paying a 50% premium for the convenience it provided. This little thermos has the potential to save us several hundreds of dollars and would fall number one on my list of mommy-approved essentials for pre-schoolers. If you’re looking for other great hacks and finds, check out this new mommy gift guide from the folks at

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