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3 Tips for 2017 Resolutions

Excited to write goals for 2017? Here are three easy steps to create goals and resolutions that will inspire and motivate you in 2017. Even though I’ve written my 100 Life Goals, I’ve found that writing New Year’s resolutions as a couple helps with accountability and strengthens your marriage.

1. Reflect
Think about what you’ve already accomplished this year. Some of our biggest accomplishments were sharing at least two date nights a month, getting rid of our timeshare, and making dual career changes. All three of these goals were posted on our ‘goal wall’ which is a chalkboard list in our garage. We keep our goals front and center, and no better place than a huge wall in the garage that we see at least twice a day. If there are some areas in your life that concern you such as eating healthy, make sure to make note of that as you reflect by jotting down any areas that you think are still outstanding in your life.

2. Make a List
We use a pretty comprehensive list of goal categories to make sure that we cover all areas. Since we make goals as a couple, we recommend that each of you write down three to four goals in each category. The categories are: spiritual, purposeful, physical, emotional, relational, financial, parental, generational and professional. Take about twenty to thirty minutes to write down your goals individually.

3. Edit & Prioritize
Now it’s time to share your resolutions. As you listen to each other you may be surprised at how many you have in common word for word. Hubby and I shared about ten goals this year, and those became the basis for our joint goal list. We looked through the remaining goals and added a few more. You can edit these goals to fit your joint desires for the year. After your final list is complete, display it somewhere prominently that you will see daily. We added bottle caps to our magnetic board to keep a tally each week if we’ve worked toward a goal that week.

What are your top three goals for 2017?


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