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Seasons 52 Key Lime Pie Review

As far as my favorite key lime pies, this one ranks number three. Number one is the first key lime pie I ever had. I was at a photoshoot for a chip package and the food stylist whipped up a scratch pie during lunch. I don’t have a picture because I didn’t realize it was going to be earth shattering at the time. Darn it.

Emporium Pie’s Limelight is my second favorite pie. I’ve driven forty minutes to the Bishop Art’s District to eat a slice and take a slice to go. Their buttery crust, homemade whipped cream, and tangy lime filling are perfect. Oh, and their to-go packaging almost makes you not want to to open the slice. Almost.

Seasons 52 comes up third on this list. Everything is right about the filling, the portions, but something about not actually having pie crust surrounding the goodness brings it to number three. The fact that it’s only 250 calories is a win.

What makes a great pie for you?


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