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Meet Sonnette & Duwaine


Names: Duwaine & Sonnette Bascoe
Class Years: c/o 2003 and 2002, respectively
Number of Years Married: 13 wonderful years
Current Location: Penfield, NY (right outside of Rochester)

1. How did you meet?
We met on Spelman’s campus freshman year (1998) on Halloween night. With mutual friends, we went to Centennial Park, hung out, and made a connection that has lasted for 13 years!

2. How did you know he was the one?
I knew hubby was the ONE on one night when we were talking on the phone (freshman year). I wasn’t feeling well so to try to make me feel better and laugh, he started talking to me in Elmo’s voice…”I hope you feel better soon. Get some rest. Elmo loves you.” When this happened, I said to myself, “OMG! I’m going to marry this man!” I don’t even think he knew at that time that I had a love for Elmo and Tweety Bird, but he kept winning my heart thereafter.

3. How did he propose?
Duwaine proposed 2nd semester sophomore year on Spelman’s campus right in front of my dorm, Morehouse James. He was dropping me off after a date. After saying our goodbyes, I got out of his car and started walking toward the steps of the dorm. He called to me, and when I turned around, he had a song playing that we can’t remember the name of, but it was about getting married and putting a wedding ring on (cheesy, I know ), and he was down on one knee. He proposed, I cried, and girls in my dorm that were secretly watching from their windows started clapping.

4. What is your advice for a successful marriage?
Guidelines for a successful marriage include keeping God at the center, keep dating and making each other laugh, remember to exercise grace before truth but always be truthful with each other, don’t sweat the hard times, because they’re only momentary.

5. Question 5
Duwaine knows how to keep me laughing…as I am answering these questions, he sent me a text that made me laugh out loud. And we love each other unconditionally…through the good and the bad; the pretty and the ugly…literally… lol. Duwaine has truly shown me how to love someone without contingencies and how to be a true friend.

6. Question 6
It’s never too early to start saving and working toward becoming debt free. You definitely don’t have to wait until you have children. In fact, it’s easier to get on this track before children come into the picture.

7. Question 7
Duwaine and I have four AMAZING children together: Sean (age 10), Aniya (age 6), Xander (age 13 mos.), and Xavier (age 13 mos.)…yes, they’re twins and identical. Having our children has brought Duwaine and I closer and made us value our union even the more. There’s nothing Duwaine and I wouldn’t do to keep our bond strong, laughter and joy in our home, and our family together.

10. Question 10
In 10 years, Duwaine and I will still be in love with God and each other; financially free; enjoying our first born child’s college years; celebrating big our daughter’s sweet 16; enjoying and keeping up with the twin’s shenanigans; consistently taking family vacations together; volunteering in the community and giving our children an example to follow; thriving in our careers (maybe the wife of a supreme court judge?)…basically, we’ll be enjoying living! In 20 years, we may be grandparents and enjoying and spoiling our children’s families…wow!!

11. Question 11
One of my favorite memories is of Stegalls freshman year. Duwaine and a couple of his friends, who also had girlfriends staying in HH, would go to Stegalls and bring us dinner. It makes me laugh now because Stegalls was a hole in the wall with questionable cleanliness, but they had great chicken fingers. Wings and things was another favorite spot of ours. It broke our hearts when they closed down.


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