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Seven Years Old

So, Boots, how old are you going to be tomorrow? Seven.

Are you excited? Yes.

Do you feel any different? No.

What’s your favorite thing about the Caterpillar? That she gives me lots of love.

What’s your favorite thing about Gadget? That he plays with me.

How do feel when people ask you and Gadget if you’re twins? I’m okay. I don’t care.

What is your favorite book to read? I don’t have one.

What’s your favorite thing to do at gymnastics? Roundoffs.

What’s your favorite color? Blue. Light blue.

What do you think you’ll be when you’re older? I want to study sea animals, find new sea creatures and be a marine biologist. (me) I thought you wanted to be in the Army. (Boots) But you can’t do that if you have an injury. (me) But you don’t have an injury, and you can do both. (Boots) I just want to be a marine biologist.

What’s your favorite iPhone app? Minecraft.

What do you love most about school? Science. No, I mean specials. (me) What do you study in specials? (Boots) Music, PE, art and computers.

How do you feel about being in the Gifted & Talented program: I’m okay.

Who are your best friends? Antionio, Kopeland & Finley. (me) What about Gadget and Miss C? I do like them, but sometimes they’re mean to me.

What’s your favorite song? Uptown Funk.

Favorite vegetable? Carrots and snap peas.

Do you believe in God? Yes. Why? Because I know my parents teach me that Jesus died on the cross, and he rose in three days, and that’s why we go to church because of Jesus.

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