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A Real Cowgirl

Boots has worn cowboy boots since we’ve moved to Texas in 2010 (hence his new nickname). He wore them through the fall and into winter, and then continued into the spring of 2011. By then they needed to be re-soled, and when the 100-degree heat of summer came he continued wearing them just about everyday. Soon, they were too small, so he started wearing Gadget’s boots. And once he grew out of those we bought him another pair the same color and style as his first boots. Well, now the first pair fits Miss C, and in her efforts to be like her big brother she started wearing his hand-me-down boots.

This weekend we finally bit the bullet and decided we would send in Miss C’s pictures to a modeling agency. She needed headshots, so I outfitted her in the below outfit which she happily put on when I told her it involved boots, and she did very well. I showed her the above pose, and she mirrored my actions perfectly. In my profession, I frequently attend photo shoots as the client, so I’ve seen how good talent responds and takes direction. I see potential in her, as it’s more about her behavior on set as it is how “cute” she is.


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3 Responses to “A Real Cowgirl”

  1. Joe Richardson says:

    Beautiful! Remember our modeling days?

  2. ! Like mother, like daughter. Jolawn was a child model for Eleanor Moore, a local mod Aeling agency in Mpls.St. Paul. She was actually paid for modelng. She seemed to have enjoyed the earlier experience and was a natural for the work. She was spotted by the owner, herself in a restaurant while putting her coat on-by laying the coat on the floor and fliping the coat over her head. Jolawn finally said one day when I picked her up from school…”I don’t want to do this anymore, because I am missing fun at school.” Hearing those comments, I knew it was time to end the child modeling era. Thus, we did and never looked back. It was more important for her to have enjoyed the experience than it being something I wanted her to do. WE have framed photos of Jolawn’s earlier modeling experience. One famous shot that the Star Tribune printed in a Sunday paper is located in one of the many boxes I recently sent to her. Please post so your readers and can see how cute you were! Cassidy is also a natural. She is an apple from the same tree. Let her guide the way with this modeling thing. Love, MOM

  3. Candace says:

    OMG she is beautiful! Her energy, eyes, and that smile are unforgettable. Look forward to her billboards.

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