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We Over Me Farm

In Texas, folks love their kids, their sports, and their God. So when Paul Quinn College, an HBCU in Dallas, decided to transform their football field into two acres of farmland, people thought the school had lost their mind! The college eliminated their football program (*gasp*) and converted the sport’s field into an organic garden that yields black spanish radish, spring onion, chocolate mint and much more. Why would someone do that?! Well, with good reason. Paul Quinn College sits in what’s known as a food desert. There is no access to fresh fruit and vegetables within four miles of the school, and thank God this college decided to do something about it. The field produces thousands of pounds of crops which are grown, donated or sold to the community, local businesses and restaurants and even eaten by the students on campus. How wonderful an idea and implementation!

I learned about the We Over Me Farm because Hubby was invited to their annual fundraising event, A Community Cooks! The school invites local businesses to attend a sit down dinner hosted on the farm along with Dallas’ best executive chefs. The chefs prepare their signature dishes using the fresh veggies from the field, and the food is fabulous. I had a sweet potato risotto that called for seconds and thirds (perhaps I even had fourths, if that exists). The menu included participating chefs’ from restaurants like DISH, Restaurant AVA, Bolsa, Hibiscus, Central 214, The Grape, Oak and several more. There was live music, a mixologist who stirred up a Tito’s ginger and basil concoction, and an overall amazing atmosphere. I can’t wait to attend again next year!

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  1. Doris Neal says:

    Awesome. Blessings

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