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Mommy Fail

Last year, when Boots turned four we had an amazing Justice League themed celebration (pictured below). I’m talking about homemade lightning bolt personal pizzas, handmade (well, really cut and glued) superhero capes, games, Clark Kent’s red telephone booth, individual cupcakes for each hero, and a metropolis tablescape to die for.

This year, not so much. Last week it hit me that his birthday was fast approaching and that if any creative party planning was going to happen, it needed to start immediately. Well, that didn’t happen, and here we are on the day of my precious baby boy’s birthday with nothing planned. Actually, I shouldn’t say nothing, because I ordered a cake from Costco so we can celebrate this weekend after all the grandparents arrive in town. But I think it will literally be just family, maybe a neighbor or two.

When you set expectations so high like last year’s party, the overlap becomes impossible.

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