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How to Be A Great Small Group Leader

While attending a leadership meeting, I heard 12 awesome tips for how to be a better small group leader and wanted to share them with you! If you lead a group of people, at work, at home, at school, or at church and want some tips on how to better motivate, engage and connect to them try one or all of these ideas below.

1. Bring food.
2. Create personal relationships with each team member.
3. Follow up with them individually, not even about the ‘team’ stuff, just to show your concern about them
4. Ask them to lead something.
5. Create interesting activities that excite your team. For example, if there’s a runner on your team, have everyone train for their first 5K.
6. Survey them! Ask them what’s working well and not so well.
7. Show appreciation. Everyone loves to be rewarded.
8. Respect their time. Start and end on time.
9. Ask your team members to work on the some of things you usually do by yourself.
10. Play together.
11. Meet in ways that are convenient for them. For example, if conference calls are easier on some folks schedules, do that instead.
12. Treat people based on their level of commitment, and then challenge them to notch it up baby-step wise. For example, if someone can only work with the team for one hour a week, they may not have the bandwidth to run their own program or committee. But, you can ask them to do something that requires just one hour a week, and after they do that successfully, bump up the size of their responsibilities a little bit.

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