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Five Years Old

So, Boots (my new nickname for the Lion), how old are you going to be tomorrow? Draws an imaginary five in the air with his finger.

Are you excited? Uh-huh.

Do you feel any different? Nods.

How so? When I’m five I’m almost Gadget’s age and can go to his school.

What’s your favorite thing about the Caterpillar? Um, one time she didn’t want bread and she fed me like a doctor. That’s why I like her.

What’s your favorite thing about Gadget? He gives me stuff and he helps me do some things.

What’s your favorite thing that your mom makes for dinner? Pasta.

How many kids do you want? 100 and we could a build a house for everyone.

What’s your favorite color? Yellow.

Do you like to help me in the kitchen? No.

What do you think you’ll be when you’re older? Five.

What do you do everyday on the iPhone? I play games or watch movies.

What do you love most about school? I get to eat snacks and play toys.

Who are your best friends at school? Claudia, Gadget and DC and Pressley.

What’s your favorite song? Jai-Ho.

Favorite vegetable? Carrots.

And how much do you love your Mom? This much (opens arms as wide as he can).

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2 Responses to “Five Years Old”

  1. Sista Voyage says:

    Tell Mister BooLion I said happy birthday!!! What do you have planned for him tomorrow?

  2. Unfortunately, not much. Just blogged about it #mommyfail. Work caught up with me this month. Ugh.

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