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Eatzi’s Key Lime Pie Review

An amazing team of people blessed me with an entire Key Lime Pie today. This means that these people know me and love me, because to love me is to feed me pie. Yesterday, I was distraught from learning that Emporium Pies no longer sells their Limelight pies, and the tragedy of the matter is that it’s not coming back until next year! I was beside myself, and a wonderful woman named Suzanne made it her business to bring joy back into my life through the medium of pie.

For starters, the pie looks heavenly. Look at the whipped cream job and the nice sized lime fruit in the middle. From the bottom up, the crust was a very traditional graham cracker crust. It was extremely crumbly and had a true cracker taste. The filling was so light and airy, it was almost like a custard. The chef that whipped up this pie was skillfully adept and created a masterpiece. It was not the sweetest nor the tartest (qualities I absolute love) pie, and the texture was almost too fluffy for me, but it satisfied my craving for the KLP (key lime pie. Yes, I’m abbreviating my favorite food). The cream was textbook perfect. Basically, the entire pie was perfect. Almost too perfect, so I’m giving this pie three out of five stars, but I give the folks that bought it for me an entire galaxy!

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