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I was talking to a friend of mine about the sermon from a few weeks ago. It was on marriage, and the series was titled, “Unbreakable.” The sermon taught that marriage is the true test of Christianity. If one can die to themselves and lift up their cross, i.e. love their spouse, even when you don’t feel love in return, then you are loving like Christ love and died for you.

As I was explaining this, I realized that my friend is not Christian and I should explain how Christ died for me and what that means. I started talking about how Easter just kicked off with Palm Sunday, and that Passion week was underway. As I heard myself trying to describe the events that unfolded in a non-thouest-art-can’t-understand-scripture way, I realized I don’t have this whole Jesus story down quite the way I thought I did.

This week a lot of people are going to think about visiting church. They’re going to think about God, and if they ask you what Easter is all about, I want you to be a little bit more prepared than me. I know you know the story and the facts are buried in your heart, but I want them to be fresh, prepared and ready on your tongue, too. So, Google it, Wikipedia it, or go straight to the Gospels and fill yourself with the gospel. Now is the time.

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