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Happy Pi Day

I don’t know if it was all the talk about “pi” yesterday, or maybe it was seeing my POTUS share a real slice, but the holiday just for number 3.14159265359 had me craving pie. In fact, I drove several (read 40, one way) miles to Dallas’ Bishop Arts District just for a slice of pie. Of course, it wasn’t just any pie. It was the creamiest, sweetest, buttery graham cracker crusted, tangy lime-laced homemade key lime pie I’ve been able to find in Texas. Was it worth the drive? I’ll be back to Emporium Pies soon.

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One Response to “Happy Pi Day”

  1. Carolyn Ann Kirk says:

    The pie really looks good. How do you make the pie?
    Is the pie nutritious to eat?

    Thanks C. Kirk

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