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Peruvian Pesto Quinoa Pilaf

While in Miami a few weeks ago I tasted a slightly altered version of this dish, and it was delish. The Daniel Fast really requires you to cook your own meals, so here is my latest favorite.

Ingredients: Quinoa, pine nuts, green peppers, corn, anaheim pepper, seasoning and pesto.

To start, lightly brush pine nuts with olive oil and then bake at a high temperature for a few minutes. Be careful, pine nuts burn easily!

Remove the nuts from the oven and set aside.

Get all your favorite peppers.

And chop them up.

Sauté your peppers and corn in olive oil with salt and pepper. Add your quinoa and toss a few times.

Scoop your grains and veggies into a dish, and then add your roasted pine nuts.

Enjoy with a glass of water!

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