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Collar Stay Wall

Two years ago for Christmas I gave Hubby custom collar stays. Each one was monogrammed with a significant moment from our relationship: from our dating days at Georgia Tech, to getting married, to having our three children and many more!

Last spring, when Hubby and I attended the Austin Food & Wine Festival we had so much fun there, we just knew the experience was so wonderful it was coined another “collar stay moment,” a time so joyful and memorable that was engraved on our hearts. We didn’t plan to do anything else with these collar stay moments, until I purchased the below canvas picture from HomeGoods. Originally, I placed it on a foyer wall, but Hubby moved it to the staircase, and it’s stayed there ever since. The canvas looked so lonely, I immediately wanted to pin up some company, but I’ve never liked the idea of old family photos lining the stairwell. Instead, I thought it would be the perfect home for our collar stay moments created and cherished over the past decade. I designed artwork in Photoshop and had it printed and mounted on canvases. At first, I was going to use my normal, but while waiting for their semi-annual canvas wrap sale to take place, I ran across a sale at with much, much lower rates. Gleefully, I ordered my artwork, yet skeptical of CVS’s printing quality. CVS actually did a pretty good job. Two of the canvases have a tiny spec on them, but overall I was pleased with the value.



Each canvas represents a favorite moment, from having each kid, to eating chicken ham in Tobago, to working out circuit diagrams in ECE 3085 together at Georgia Tech, to falling in love in a sunflower field in Geneva.

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