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Fish, Fashion & Mini-Me

My lovebug is becoming a little lady with clear preferences and cute, little idiosyncrasies. From loving to dance to hating gooey food on her fingers, Miss C is developing her personality and her uniqueness is so fun to watched reveal itself.

From birth, she and the Lion have formed a special bond. She crawls after him into the boys’ room, and they gladly close the door to entrap her in their boycave. She giggles and babbles with them, and takes fondly to any boy between the ages of three and eight, as she sees her brothers’ likeness in them.

Her favorite food is fish. Fish any kind of way: salt-water, fresh-water, fried, baked, blackened (even Cajun), grilled, whole or in sticks. The girl loves her some fish. She also loves crackers, soy milk, and all fruits except banana (she’s allergic to them just like her mama).

Doing her hair involves fabricating a major distraction for her. She’s tender headed and requires a soft touch and gently hands to detangle her curls. She has a great fashion sense, and shakes her head disapprovingly (seriously, she shakes her no in full understanding of what it means) when out of season styles are placed in the shopping cart. Her princess tendencies extend to her nose as well. She cries at soon as she sniffs a #2 in her diaper.

She’s still the sweetest thing and loves hugs and kisses and has learned to even blow smooches back at cha. She waves hello and goodbye, and took the most steps she’s ever taken tonight trying to walk towards her Granny. She laughs a deep, gurgling belly laugh when tickled, which infectiously makes you imitate and join her in her joy.

She has learned how to crawl up the stairs, how to play with her brother’s building blocks, and sleeps the most soundly after playing in the bath with her brothers. At night, she stays up until she gets her dose of goodnight kisses from her Daddy, confirming again that she is a daddy’s girl.

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