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Lunch at Nando’s!

I spent Friday in DC and made sure to swing by Nando’s for lunch. I had the chicken pita, and the flavor took me back to Australia. I was so giddy about being there- I was snapping photos, even before my food arrived, and chatting up the staff about how I fell in love with Nando’s abroad, and have been feening a taste of the famous, delicious, flavorful peri-peri sauce ever since.

What is Nando’s you ask? It’s a fast-casual spot, founded in South Africa and widely available in the UK and Australia. Their chicken is marinated and grilled in a Portuguese pepper sauce they call “peri-peri.” The only US spots are in the DC metro area. Why am I so obsessed with Nando’s? Other than the great taste, the hand drawn look and feel of the Nando’s website inspired my blog design.

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  1. Kanika Y. says:

    Hey…you were in DC? Aww, wish I would’ve known. It would’ve been good to see you. 🙂

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