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Crawling… Kinda

I know it looks like baby can crawl, but she doesn’t really. She’ll get up on her hands and knees, and maybe take one crawl, but then she falls flat on her belly and does a one-armed army crawl and drags herself throughout the house. I mentioned this to a co-worker, and she told me that babies who bypass crawling sometimes have difficulty coordinating opposite motions, like walking and swinging your arms opposite the leading foot. In fact, she said that physical therapy is sometimes required. Whoa! PT? No thanks. Hubby immediately looked up what we needed to do to encourage crawling, and subsequently made the below tube to wrap around her waist to discourage her from resting on her stomach while crawling.

It actually works! He used iron-on velcro on the black elastic piece.

Here is the one-armed army crawl. Of course, but the time I finished editing this post she started crawling, so I’ll post her in mid-cruise later!

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  1. Uncle Jim says:

    Leave to the family of trained engineers to come up with the crawling support device. Go Jackets!!

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