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Did You Know Black Girls Run?

I hear them talking about it all the time. “I’m running a 5K next month.” Or, “I’m training for the half.” But trust, I am not hearing these words come out the mouths of black women. It’s my co-workers, it’s strangers, it’s Facebook friends, but not black girls. And I think, yeah, that’s great for you and all, but I don’t do that running thing. In fact, talking about running, and marathons is just as foreign to me as discussing Japanese grammar.

Rewind to a few weekends ago, Hubby and I enjoyed a triple date with his co-workers and another couple (all of us were black). The new couple had athletic backgrounds. The husband played baseball and the wife was a gymnast. Enticed by their lifestyles, I asked what the wife did to stay fit. She told me about a running group called Black Girls Run, and how she met with a group of black women and ran together. She said it was great being apart of a community and that she really enjoyed the experience. The next week I heard Dr. Oz tell me that my belly fat is caused by stress, and that exercise was one of the best ways to counteract the effects of it. Later that week, the mom’s at Gadget’s track practice warned me that after age 35, the fat no longer melts off in the gym. They told me it takes weeks just for one pound to budge. I knew that if I was going to get rid of the lingering baby fat around my mid-section, now was the time. I was still intrigued about the running group, so I visited the website. I had been to the site before, because I knew of their success in the blogging world, but I never realized the site could connect me to an active group in my city, full of black girls running.

This morning I decided to turn my interest into action. I asked a friend to join me and my mother-in-law, so we showed up at the grocery store parking lot at 5AM. About twenty women joined us. We took our group photo, prayed in Jesus name, and then paired up by pace. I went about 3 miles with lots and lots of walking. Did you hear that?! Even though it was mostly walking, I have never set out and traveled that far deliberately on foot in over a decade. I haven’t run for real since high school, and even then I was never bit by the adrenaline-fed running bug. Other runners went five, seven, thirteen and even sixteen miles! I was so glad to do this with other people. The time was perfect, I mean, it was early, but I had no conflicts. No work, no gymnastics, no track, no bible study. It was just right. I didn’t know this community even existed. So many black girls training for marathons right in my backyard. I can rave the rest of this post about how convenient it was, but that truly made a difference. Stay tuned for more adventures of this black girl trying this running thing…

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5 Responses to “Did You Know Black Girls Run?”

  1. Auntie Niki says:

    Dear Jolawn,
    I just read about your 3 mile run/walk. Congratulations !! I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

    Auntie Niki

  2. Thanks! I’m sure there’s a group in Flushing! (hint hint, wink wink)

  3. Kendra says:

    Yay Jolawn! So glad you found BGR. I’m a member in NYC and it’s a wonderful community of women.

    Happy running!

  4. Wow! If had only known about this in b-school! I would have been running all over Central park!

  5. Liz says:

    Yay! The community aspect of fitness is what has kept me active all these years. And, like you noted: first thing in the morning. If it’s not in the morning, it is just Not Going To Happen. So glad you found something that works for you, and a community you’re excited about!!!

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