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How to Keep Skin Baby Soft

All three of my babies have experienced supa dupa dry skin. How do I combat it? Of course, everyone gives you the Johnson & Johnson products, and while they smell great, they don’t provide twenty-four hour moisture. The pediatrician recommended CeraVe, which Hubby loves for his skin, but I need something that literally sticks to the skin for baby girl.

I found the baby oil gel in the baby products aisle and have been using it for myself for months – especially on my ankles. Ultimately, I have fallen back on good ole petroleum jelly. I love the baby scented jar for that fresh, newborn aroma. Nowadays, the recommendation on the street is Aquaphor, but I find that to just be super expensive vaseline, so petroleum jelly wins hands down.

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  1. Danni says:

    Great timely post. We went to a “baby prep” class last night at our hospital as we prepare for our little ont his Tuesday (by c/s) and he nurse insisted that babies and kids up to 2 or 3 need no lotions because their skin is fragile. The hubby and I looked at each other with serious doubt on that one. I said “my family always uses vaseline” and she again refuted this.

    Glad to get good advice from a good mom!

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