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Cuddles & Coughs

Chronicles of a working mom continues… Yesterday, I got the call. “Your son is sick… yadda yadda yadda… temperature… come pick him up now… yadda yadda yadda.” Instead of being super concerned about his well-being, I immediately thought about how my attendance at today’s Women’s Leadership Symposium was in jeopardy. I was nominated to attend the event and didn’t want to miss an opportunity to network with other high potential women.

Hubby is out of town, so I had to pick up the Lion and Miss C on the way to Gadget’s school. On the way, I called the pediatrician so that they could check him out, but more importantly, so that they could write me a note saying he could return to school once his fever was under control. After arriving at his school, he was asleep on the floor, so I knew he was really feeling awful.

We got to the doctor, got the note, picked up four bottles of Gatorade from Kroger, and then I proceeded on the quest to find last minute back up child care for my mildly ill child. I called every resource I could think of: friends, babysitters, the company’s backup care, church friends, and to no avail, I went to bed with no childcare plans. I work up at four to check on Gadget, and as a last resort, I posted my troubles to Facebook. Within minutes the mommy network swarmed upon my status update and posted comment after comment with suggestions. A member of my church life group suggested the hospital’s sick care facility named Cuddles and Coughs, which had nurses who could administer over-the-counter medicine. Hallelujah! They had an opening, and it ended up being the best place for him to spend the day. The nurses checked his temp every two hours. He had crayons, movies, toys, and of course he brought his own hot wheels.

If you’ve ever read The Go-Getter I felt like the protagonist this morning! I had the kids dressed and ready to go, even when I had no confirmed childcare plans. I received the Cuddles and Coughs recommendation at 7:57am, so I got to the Symposium an hour late, but did you hear what I said… I GOT THERE!

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  1. Danni says:

    Working moms run the world! Well, all moms do…but the juggling act that is a professional working mom can not be challenged! Go you!

    btw, cuddles and coughs sounds so remarkable! I will have to look to see if there is a similar program in our area.

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