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Dancing Shoes

I love to dance. In fact, #54 of my 100 Life Goals is to take dance classes every year. Growing up, I took dance classes throughout middle school, and in high school, I danced in all the school musicals. I danced in Charlie and Algernon, and Kiss me, Kate

I had a plan to shed my postpartum baby weight. I was going to take jazz classes to burn the calories while having fun. I googled dance companies in the area, and ended up heading downtown to the Black Dallas Dance Theatre to watch a jazz class. When Miss C and I arrived, the jazz class was cancelled, so we watched a modern class in its place. Initially, I was thinking I could start taking classes, and then build up to include a cardio component to really help with calorie burn. Well, after watching the class for about ten minutes, I realized I probably couldn’t do any of the moves and then we left. I never went back, but somehow (and wonderfully I might add) the pounds have continued to melt off.

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