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25 Weeks

Guess who showed up on today’s shoot? The Lion! He was right there coaching Miss C on how to look at the camera, and finally he decided to insert himself into her session. But can you blame him? Look at the smile on her face in the last photo. Pure blissful joy and happiness.

Oh, and thank you to those of you (Ahem, Uncle Jim…{cough} and Granny) who reminded me that I was behind on 52 Bows. Last week was a flurry of procrastination with spring break and all. Somehow I took her weekly photo and never got around to posting it. So now we’re back on track.

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One Response to “25 Weeks”

  1. Tiffany B says:

    Yeah, if my kids are this cute they will have jobs working for Gerber, Osh Kosh, Pampers, and whoever else wants to pay to me for having angelic-looking children.

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