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Guess who is distracting her? Yes, the Lion. He just can’t help himself. I’ve even caught him sucking her toes. Yes, I know. Yuck. But he really can’t help himself. He loves her so much. He’s always kissing her, whispering to her, touching her fingers, loving her. But what’s funny is that one day he got too close, and she caught his hair in her tiny fingers. And you know how babies clasp their hands like a reflex? Well, the Lion started to cry and blamed her for pulling his hair and it made me laugh. They are so cute together because her curiosity fixates on him, and he adores her every move. And the result is a doting brother, who runs for her binky when she cries, and drags her carseat to the door when it’s time to go. Now that’s brotherly love.

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