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I’m Every Woman

I watched Whitney Houston’s homegoing ceremony today, and today a nation said goodbye to what Stevie called, an angel in God’s choir. I enjoyed the words spoken by her real life bodyguard the most. He was sincere and gentle. He encouraged her fans to do one thing for her – to love her. So this post is written in love and dedicated to Whitney. While I did not run out and buy all her albums, a few songs of hers I thoroughly enjoyed, especially “My Love is Your Love.” But no song rivals my love for “I’m Every Woman.”

When I was twelve, I used to belt Ashford and Simpson’s lyrics from my bedroom. I’m Every Woman / It’s all in me / Anything you want done, baby / I’ll do it naturally. So now, when I’m out being mom, wife, daughter, child of God, brand manager, mommy blogger, and Spelmanite, I can hum her words and feel empowered because I am every woman. Of course, Hubby will find spirituality in anything, and pointed out that everything I need, God has already placed in me according to the lyrics. How poignant. And revelatory.

I pray that her soul is truly rejoicing in the Lord. Thank you for decades of your clear, sharp and crisp, effortless soprano and technical perfection. God bless, Whitney.

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