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How to Write Your 100 Life Goals

1. Divide & Conquer
Coming up with 100 goals can be overwhelming to think about. I found the best way to write them is to divide the goals into several categories and to take your time writing them across three days.

2. Pace Yourself
Bucket your goals into the following 5 categories: Family & Friends, Travel, Physical, Experience and Influence. On day one focus on writing 35 family and friends goals. These should include any goals related to things you want to do for or with your family. Day two should consist of writing your 20 travel goals and 15 experience goals. It’s super easy to write a list of 20 places you want to go. I found it easier to look at a map to help jog your memory of your favorite places. In addition to the places you want to go, think about the specific things you want to do once you get there. Your 15 experience goals should include milestone-type events you simply do not want to pass up in your life. Day three is when you write your 15 physical goals and 15 influence goals. Your physical goals include actions that relate to your physical ability or your physical appearance. Your final 15 goals are your influence goals, and they include goals that affect others. The reach of these goals touches a greater audience than just you and your immediate family.

3. Cover All Ground
Think about yourself holistically and make sure to include any spiritual, financial, emotional, mental, career based, relationship related, educational or self-developmental, hobby and leisure goals that may have slipped through the cracks. The next step is to get started. Select a handful of goals that motivate you and that you want to focus on this year, and identify a baby step for the goal. A baby step is something you can knock out in the next twenty-four hours that brings you closer to the completion of your goal. Your baby step could be as simple as looking up the cost of plane tickets or googling how to ride a bike.


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