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Christmas Presents

I was so excited to give this to Hubby. It’s twenty-four personalized collar stays. Yes, I know, what is a collar stay, you say. They’re the little things that wedge into the corner of a man’s shirt collar to keep it from sagging down. Hubby had two and he could never find them, so I thought a whole case of collar stays with cute little “I love you” messages and what-not is a practical and sentimental gift.

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2 Responses to “Christmas Presents”

  1. Elaine D. says:

    OMG…My hubby is the same way with losing these. He’s always asking if I found one in the washer after laundry day. Our 1st anniversary is coming up and what a GREAT gift this would be…my surprise of a wedding album doesn’t seem so…..awesome.
    Email me please or just post here…..

  2. I found them on Hope he likes them!

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