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Good Stock Bindery

In order to add the 1987 picture of me in yesterday’s post, I asked my mom to send me the newspaper clippings from my childhood. She included a gold mine of pictures of family members whose births date back to the 1800’s. She sent wrinkled, sepia tone pictures of great-great relatives. There was a picture of my mom at her first job, and a picture of my dad in his military uniform. So many precious milestones, slowly fading on dated film. The images reminded of my life goal #5– to complete a family tree. But not just any family tree. I’d like to write a short story that tells story of my family in a book. Each page will be dedicated to each member of the family. The book will be relatable for my children. I want them to know that their Great Grandpa was a milkman, and for them to remember his story through words and images. I don’t want just dates and lines next to head shots.

Originally, I intended to use Good Stock for this project. I just love Good Stock’s custom heirloom books. Of course I don’t own one because the pricing starts at the cost of a nice used car. But, if you have a few spare thousand lying around, this seems like an excellent holiday gift. All you have to do is provide the images and a little reference, and Good Stock does the rest. They format an elegant book for you to cherish and pass on. These books are the inspiration for how my family tree will look when I finally get around to working on goal number five.

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