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25 Random Things

(pictured above is me on the 1987 Breck school enrollment package)

1. I love all things verbena scented.

2. I only eat cooked tomatoes (on pizza, pasta, etc), but not raw (salads).

3. If my morning schedule gets out of order I can very easily forget to put on deodorant or brush my teeth (so I carry extra with me).

4. I cried watching the beauty and unison of the 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

5. My ears are too small to wear earpods.

6. My first dog was named Strawberry (after Strawberry Shortcake) and my last, Dark Tagnon (after the 3 musketeer D’Artagnan).

7. I think it’s sooooo cool that my children will think a black president is normal.

8. I fell in love with Hubby because of how patient he is.

9. I have had three seven miscarriages.

10. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 8 because someone told me that if I didn’t and I died I would go to hell. I chose Heaven.

11. If I could do life all over again I would either be an Alvin Ailey dancer or a Google programmer or a Navy Seal.

12. I want to live in Geneva.

13. Some of my life goals include speaking at a college commencement, designing a family coat of arms and taking my kids to the MN state fair.

14. I went to the same school (elementary, middle, high) for 15 years.

15. On special occasions I make crepes from scratch.

16. The second website I ever made was our wedding website. I didn’t save the first one. Some of you may remember it was a Valentine’s website for Hubby!

17. In high school I placed 4th at the state track competition in triple jump. I scratched a 37′ jump which I probably could have won with. I still think about it.

18. I have been called the N-word once.

19. Whenever a subway train arrives I feel like I have to get on it, even if it’s not my train. Otherwise I feel like I’m being left behind. I’m also self-conscious about my windshield wiper speed when it rains.

20. I almost did Air Force ROTC at Georgia Tech. I could have been in Iraq now. So glad I didn’t!

21. I am allergic to bananas.

22. I had my dream job doing Marketing. And now, something I never dreamed of but still pretty awesome.

23. I have a library card that I actively used from every state I’ve lived in: MN, GA, NJ, NY, CT and TX.

24. I feel very compassionate for and compelled to help mothers globally.

25. I was a newspaper carrier in MN, in the snow, in -30 weather.

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  1. Joe Richardson says:

    Newspaper carrier!
    Yes, we delivered newspapers in the cold and in the snow. On one cold morning it was so cold the top layer of snow was frozen and had a hard crust on top. After delivering the paper to the front door, Jolawn folded her arms in front of her and rolled down on top of the snow to the bottom of the hill where I was waiting with the car since the steps were icy.

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