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When a Parent Dies

Last Tuesday, I posted a picture of my late father-in-law. My Hubby’s dad passed away last week of cancer. He was 62. I’ve never lost anyone super close to me, so I have no idea what Hubby is going through. He is in Trinidad and gets home on Thanksgiving. It’s been rough this week without him, but I imagine the week was tougher for Hubby. I wanted to go, to be there with him, but Miss C has not had her immunizations yet. Nor does she have a passport. So, I heard about the service over the phone, well, it was actually Skype.

We have reached the age that a parent has died, and it’s scary thinking about who will be next. Since Grandpa Early was sick, it was a little easier to process, but this was a first for us. I pray that his soul is rejoicing in the Lord!

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