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She’s a Stranger

The first time Gadget held Miss C was in the hospital. He barely said anything to her and looked very apprehensive. I asked him why he was so quiet, and he replied, “I’m shy, and she’s a stranger. I don’t really know her.” So true! Kids have a way of shifting your perspective, widening it, in fact.

The second day Gadget came to the hospital, I asked him if he told people at school he has a baby sister, and he said that everyone asked him her name, but he couldn’t remember it. I was shocked, but after realizing I’m the one who’s been staring at a list of names for weeks, and not him, it sunk in that having her around is literally like having a stranger fall into your world.

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  1. Danni says:

    My cousin just had a baby boy and she said something similar about her 3 year old girl. She introduced him to people (in her kid way) as “he’s new to us”. LOL. Cute, but definitely never thought about it from a 3 year old’s point of view.

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