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My Diva Uterus

I reached the third trimester. This is the twelve week span plagued with fatigue, exhaustion and hugeness. I’d say I’ve entered it gracefully, as I’ve only gained fifteen pounds so far. I definitely have that telltale waddle and find myself in the bathroom more often than I’d like to share. Room in my rib cage is getting scarce, which leads to heavy breathing after taking the stairs or when I’m spewing run-on sentences. It’s actually a pretty good self-taser for talking too much.

My latest craving has been milkshakes…. From McDonalds, Mooyah, Fuddruckers, strawberry-flavored, oreo… And when I can’t get my hands on a milkshake I’ve been known to get a blueberry and raspberry slurpee from 7-Eleven. That sounds so nasty right now, but in the midst of a craving it’s its own food group. I’m glad my cravings contain some nutritional value such as calcium and protein this time. With Gadget, I had some type of pica, where I craved chewing on the inside of turf balls. The chewy sponginess and chemical smell was intoxicating. Yes, disgusting and random, but it was soooo good to me then.

I’ve still be getting the predictable questions. A conversation with a stranger usually goes something like “Oh! Congratulations… When are you due? Oh! Your third trimester in this awful heat, you must be dying! Is this your first… Oh wow! You’re third. You must be so excited to be having a girl… Are you guys done, then? Do you have a name picked out?” And there you have it. I should just walk around with automated responses: Thanks! The end of September. Actually, I don’t mind the heat, it feels good. No, it’s my third. I have two boys and this is the girl. Yes, I’m excited. Two is good for now and three will be great in September. No, we don’t have a name picked out. LOL.

So, on the name. I think I can safely share my list with you, because Hubby has pretty much ruled them all out. The only name he has come up with is Laila, which I’m not a big fan of (sorry Tiffany, Brittany, and any other friends who I’ve offended). My list includes Avery Camille, Nina Olive, and Makenna Ollita. Avery is just a nice asexual name (I love those names, hence Gadget’s real name). Camille is my best friend’s middle name, and I’ve always adored it. Nina has stuck with me for years, but lots of folks say it sounds too old (I couldn’t care less about these opinions, unless it’s Hubby’s). Olive is my grandmother-in-law’s name and I like that it’s not too common, yet hints at femininity through it’s relationship to Olivia. Makenna, again a girl’s name that’s not too girly, and Ollita is my mother and my middle name, so it’s a nice tradition to pass along. The boys love the name Ava, and are convinced that’s her final name. I think they’ll call her that regardless of what her birth certificate says. Usually, we get pretty serious about names in the last month. In fact, Hubby was googling and suggesting names while I was in labor with the Lion. Hopefully, we’ll agree on something a little sooner this time.

So, why is my uterus such a diva? Well, she’s definitely full of drama, irritable and super sensitive, so the name ‘diva’ accurately sums it up. Hubby has been out of town for daayyyyys, so I’ve been doing everything: baths, dressing the boys, making dinner, doing the dishes, cleaning up including laundry, sweeping, mopping… I guess on Sunday evening my body decided it had enough and I began having contractions. I thought they seemed to be awfully close, so I’m timed them. Seven minutes apart, six minutes, five minutes, four minutes…. Oh goodness, I thought. I called the on-call doctor who told me to drink four to six glasses of water and get off my feet. Her prescription definitely helped and slowed the contractions. So, I’ve reached my limit and I don’t plan to cross that line again until after I’m full term. At my doctor’s appointment today, she told me if I do that again, I’ll find myself in labor and delivery for two weeks of monitoring and rest, with an IV, and getting steroid shots to mature the baby’s lungs. I told Hubby the doctor banned him from further travel, which I think pretty much settles it.

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