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Officially a Soccer Mom

Finding an activity that your child enjoys, that is reasonably priced and highlights his gifts and talents is not always easy. The Lion loves gymnastics, but Gadget uses his gymnastics lessons as a social hour. Not a practically use of our dollar. So we thought track would be great because he loves to run, and we’re excited for him to be worn out for once, but unfortunately, he’s too young to join the local track team. What’s the next best thing to track and field? SOCCER! Plenty of running. I found a local youth team and it’s only $47 bucks for the summer.

Yesterday was Gadget’s first game. He was so cute in his shin guards and uniform. In fact, I think I got caught up in how great he looked and assumed that wearing the uniform equipped him with the soccer rules as well. He was great on the field and shows signs of great skill, but there are a few rules that we’ll have to go over with him before next time. Rule #1 – Aim for only one goal. Gadget was really great at keeping up with the ball. He was taller than most of the team, and this gave him an advantage. In fact, he was so good at running and kicking the ball, that when he ran out of field in one direction, he turned around and kicked the ball in the other direction – towards the other team’s goal! We’ll have to practice at home and focus on scoring in just one direction. Rule #2 – Use only your feet. When he tripped and fell, he would reach for the ball to stop the play. Smart move, but I think he just wanted to pick up the ball when the other team had it. Again, smart move, but we’ll add ‘no hands’ to our at home practice. Rule #3 – Same team Rule. What’s this rule? Well, in the photo above you’ll see Gadget dominating his teammate. He demonstrated excellent handling skills as he maneuvered the ball away from the other player. Great skill, but a skill to demonstrate against the boys in blue next time. He took his teammate down, and the moms were yelling “same team!”, so we’ll work on that one, too. He really did an excellent job, and with a few pointers on the rules he’ll be insert-famous-futbol-player-name-here in no time!

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