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Class of 2011

Gadget graduated from Montessori! I am so proud! All the moms and dads had cameras, videos and smiles as our children sang “This Land is Your Land.” It was the most adorable thing. Gadget was in the front row, and my lips were plastered open in a silly grin throughout the entire graduation ceremony. I hope this is the first of many graduations I witness! Thank you to the White’s for coming to show support for Gadget. In August, he starts Kindergarten down the street from us. It’s amazing he’s grown from a tiny 6lb 11oz baby into a big brother on his way to elementary school.

For his present, we got him his Kindergarten school supplies. He’s super excited about his filled backpack, and I’m super excited because I was going to have to buy these items anyway. Score one for the mom because Crayola ain’t cheap!

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