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Tuesday Tornado

Yesterday evening began with plans for a dinner guest. A dear friend of mine, Antisha, who is also pregnant, was in town for work so I planned to cook a healthy pasta dinner. Just as we sat down to eat, Hubby ringed to check on us. He was at a work event on the other side of town, and there was a tornado warning. He called back about three times within ten minutes, so I got the sense it was a serious storm. I brought my laptop to the dinner table and we looked up a local live radio station. Just as we turned it on the broadcaster informed us that the tornado was headed for us and that we should take cover immediately.

I thought, okay, let’s take our pregnant bellies and the boys and finish dinner in the closet. Of course, the safest place in my home was also the messiest. We hung out in the master closet for close to two hours, listening to the radio updates. The boys did pretty well. We found some construction paper and sticker letters from a crafts kit to keep the boys occupied. Eventually, I saw this as the perfect time to straighten up the closet, so Antisha and I folded and hung up clothes. I briefly stepped out to turn on the air because it was very stuffy in the closet, and I could see and hear the rain and wind stirring outside. Hubby had returned to work after his dinner event for safety, or so I thought. I heard the garage door opening, and thought, “I know this man did not just drive home in a tornado!” I was glad he was home, but furious that he had risked his safety to be with us.

Hubby tried to explain that he had some iPhone app to tell him where the storm was, and he said something about having a ‘window of opportunity’ to get home. I wasn’t hearing it. He would have flipped if it had been the other way around. So, I originally planned to snap some photos of the finished pasta dish, but I got sidetracked by the storm.

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