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Party of Five

Whoa! My life has been super busy. Work is drowning me, hubby has been out of town a little bit, and the boys have more energy than ever. I keep bugging hubby to take maternity pictures, so hopefully we can find time so I can post a few.

Baby girl is cooking along just fine. I am super excited to be having a daughter (I love the sound of that). I was watching the boys at gymnastics, and realized I never paid much attention to the girls doing cartwheels because I had mentally blocked off all things ‘girl.’ At a wedding last weekend I realized I would (hopefully) get to see my daughter get married! I am so blessed right now. I truly feel that God loves me. He didn’t have to bless me with a girl, but He did! It was a desire of my heart, and He granted it. How wonderful!

The pregnancy has been pretty easy so far. I definitely feel tired now, but that’s expected. I had my first charlie horse about a week ago. I vaguely remember having these with the Lion. It woke me up in the middle of the night. Hubby was like ‘what? what’s going on?!’ Cause all I could say was “OWWWWW!” and try to point towards my foot. We should be ready for the next one now that our roles are clarified- I will yell incomprehensibly, and all he has to do is push my foot into a flexing position and we should be good. I started taking Pepcid Complete to help with all the extra gas in my system. Pepcid is truly a blessing. My OB in NYC asked me to try it when I had insomnia with the Lion. Turns out all that gas can really keep you up, and a little burping and farting can truly help you get to sleep. I also started doubling up on my iron pills. In my third trimester with the Lion I started feeling exhausted in the morning, right before it was time to leave for school, so I’m taking a page out of baby #2 book lessons learned. I’m so much wiser for this.

The boys are still super excited for their sister. They promise to share their toys, and they tell her they love her and kiss my belly. At night, when the Lion says his prayers, he prays for “mommy, daddy, himself, Gadget and baby.” It’s so cute. I told them they can feel her moving around if they want. I forgot to let them feel tonight, but they’re super intrigued. Gadget said “she’s growing? Is she gonna pop out?” I told him she needs to get some fat on her before she comes out, and he replied, “she’s already grown her arms and fingers, but not her butt yet. She needs fat on her butt.” LOL!

Honestly, I’m not looking forward to a difficult labor. The doctor says I’ve only gained three pounds (not quite sure how that’s possible because I look like a whale), and she says I needed to have gained seven to ten pounds by now. In fact, I’m supposed to gain a pound a week from now on out. I politely refuse. I am so conscious about the weight this time, because I know how it all ends. Baby comes out, I breastfeed, but 15 pounds remain. I also don’t want an eight pound baby. How bad is that? I’m hoping for a fast delivery. The kind where I show up at the hospital holding her in, I get in a room, and then voila, she’s here. No thank you to hours of laboring with an IV, baby heart monitor, contraction monitor, nurses pressuring me to get an epidural, cervix checks… and the list goes on.

Did I tell you Gadget wants to name her AvaHodges Joseph? He has a classmate named Ava Hodges, and he wants that to be the baby’s first name. He won’t compromise and let me consider just Ava, he says the first name is AvaHodges or nothing. His middle name is Joseph so natural he wants to share that with his little sister. I have tons of names picked out, and the only name Hubby likes in Laila, but a dear friend of mine named her daughter that. I wasn’t super keen on that name, so I guess it’s okay, but I want him to be as excited about the name as I am. I don’t think we’ll be sharing our name list, simply because I don’t do too well with reader criticism, but please know that I’ll be excited to share the name once we agree on one. The Lion was named about five minutes after he was born, so it may be a while before we find something we both like. It’s 11:46PM, and now I have to proof read this in my haze, so I’ll try to do better and not let weeks pass before my next post. Okay – I just read through this and it made sense to me, so since Hubby’s asleep and wouldn’t take to well to being woken up to proofread, I’m going to hit publish. No judgment on typos, missing words, incomplete thoughts and run-ons please.

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