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The Laundry Situation II

A month ago I decided to look for a housekeeper. I posted the job on and was surprised to receive so many responses. At first I thought it would be difficult to narrow down all the applicants to just one, and then I started reading the responses. I posted the job for Saturday morning, between 6-9AM, because the boys have gymnastics later in the morning. Well, I received all types of responses from people saying that “Saturday morning doesn’t really work for them, but if I could do…” fill-in-the-blank day instead that would be great. Some applicants told me their life story, others informed me they didn’t have a valid driver’s license, or a car, or that they lived in another state but would be moving soon. Now I see why companies have such a hard time identfying qualified applicants.

Hubby told me that my standards were too high, but I was able to narrow the list down to three potential housekeepers. I called them and scheduled for them to come by last Saturday to look at our housekeeping needs. The first applicant arrived a little late, and she was very quiet. I immediately ruled her out mentally, and waited expectantly on the next two. The second applicant called about ten minutes before she was to arrive, asking for directions. Not a great start. When she finally arrived I really liked her, but she changed her rate from $20 an hour, to a flat rate of $85 after meeting me. Not kosher. The third applicant called ten minutes before she was to arrive, stating that she was having ‘sink troubles,’ and was really sorry that she couldn’t make it then, but wanted to know if she could come by later. Ahh, no.

So we went with the first applicant and yesterday was her first day. We wanted her to arrive at eight, but she had another client at 9AM, so she agreed to arrive at 6. She rang the doorbell and 5:57 and immediately got to work. She didn’t finish everything, so next week she’s arriving at 5:30. I like her flexibility. She did exactly what I asked, so I’m happy. I was able to soak in a clean tub yesterday afternoon, all the laundry was folded, the kitchen sink had no dirty dishes, and the bathroom floors were clean. Sigh and smile.

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  1. Dee says:

    Nice. I’m in the process of looking for some part time help myself.

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