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2011 Goals & 2010 In Review

It’s about that time… to check in on my 100 Life Goals. At the beginning of the year I listed the goals I was focusing on in 2010, and today I am proud to say I completed two of them! I went natural (and then I permed it back), and took pictures of my kids in my own home studio.

So here are the goals I am going to focus on during 2011:

Goal #5. Publish a family tree that can be passed down. I found this site years ago and have been meaning to create a family story in a hardback book.

Goal #13. Finish decorating our home. We’ve completed the kitchen, the library, and the boys’ room.

Goal #14. Have a healthy daughter. We’ll find out in a few weeks!

Goal #22. Raise children excited about reading. The boys are doing Your Baby Can Read this year. We’re on disc 3.

Goal #23. Publish a family annual report (with balance sheets and all!). I meant to do this last year, ughh.

Goal #53. Compete on the Amazing Race with hubby. Now that we’re pregnant, probably ain’t gonna happen this year. We were gung-ho last year and went to two casting calls. One in Boston and one in Oklahoma. We are so serious.

Goal #25. Support the Dual-Degree Engineering Program with an annual Victor scholarship. Last year we donated $1000 and I look forward to doing so again this year.

Goal #29. Volunteer with my children annually. Haven’t figured out the best way to do this yet. Any tips?

Goal #35. Raise children who love Christ. I pray openly in front of the boys. Gotta walk the walk.

Goal #48. Attend a marriage retreat in Colorado – well, really just have a couples Bible Study for now. We’ve been attending a bi-weekly marriage group at our church and it rocks!

Goal #49. Take family to MN state fair. Hmmm.. I should probably move this one to 2012. I think my belly will have entered the ‘no-fly-zone’ by the time the fair opens.

Goal #54. Take Pilates, jazz & African dance classes every year. Must find a spot in North Dallas.

Goal #55. Maintain a healthy BMI (18.5-24.9). I’ve started working out again and would like to keep a healthy weight this pregnancy.

Goal #66. Teach Gadget martial arts. He was taking Jui-Jitsu in Stamford, so we will find a way to make it a priority here as well.

Goal #69. Send in the last payment on my student loans. I’ve started sending in an extra $500 for principal on the loan with the higher interest rate.

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