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Mutton Scramble

A few weeks ago we took the boys to the Fort Worth stock yards and went to the rodeo. I had brisket at Coopers, the boys were clad in the appropriate attire, including cowboy boots, and we had open minds about the experience. The arena was pretty clean. In fact, I don’t remember smelling any horse toots. I was happy to be at the rodeo with the Lion, who is a cowboy deep down in his heart. There were a few other black people in the crowd, but no families like us. About halfway through the show they called for all kids between the ages of two and seven, but I must not have heard the call. Before I knew it, all the kids in the stadium were running into the arena. Gadget begged me to go, but we were seated in the middle of a packed row. The kids did the hokey pokey, and I felt bad that he wasn’t down there having fun with all the other boys and girls. Any then they let the calf loose. Now, you have to understand, where I come from, black people don’t let their kids tackle baby cows, so I was extremely relieved we were trapped in our seats and couldn’t participate.

But, later during the show, they again requested the kids, but this time for the mutton scramble, and Gadget and I heard it. He begged and begged, but there was no way I was going to let my kid be trampled by a miniature bull… But then, I realized it was a baby sheep this time, and sheep are so soft and cuddly, and much safer than a calf. And we were at the rodeo. In Fort Worth. With open minds. So I hopped a few seats and we climbed over a row or two and I ran with him to the gates. The kids were so excited to be in the ring, so I just had to sit back and relax. When the sheep was released, he was quickly caught by some of the older kids, thank God. That night I scrubbed clean every crevice on Gadget before putting him to bed.

Here is the video. Please excuse the jumpiness and blurriness. In fact, just jump to twenty seconds in.

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