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The Laundry Situation

I am giving in. I am done pretending that I can do it all. I am getting a housekeeper. Now. The laundry situation has been out of control in my home for a while, and we are finally doing something about it. We’re pretty good about getting clothes into the washing machine, but then… Sometimes we have to wash them again because we don’t dry them right away, and other times we get zealous and do loads and loads, but that’s it. No folding, no hanging them up, no taking them to the bedroom. In fact, hubby got me a laundry cart so that I would not have to carry heavy loads back and forth from the bedroom, but currently, that cart is swallowed by a mound of clean clothes.

I didn’t have a catastrophic childhood event that created my aversion to folding laundry. In fact, when I was in college I made a huge effort to keep my laundry situation under control because I always had a roommate and never wanted to be the ‘messy roommate.’ Growing up, though, I never folded clothes. I had a laundry chute in my bathroom that went straight to the wash room, and my mom took it over from there. How I miss those days. With two little boys and a baby on the way, I need to accept that I can’t do everything, laundry folding included. Now, I must pay for such luxuries, but will gladly do so.

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2 Responses to “The Laundry Situation”

  1. Danni says:

    catching up on my reading…

    Good for you! It’s hard to recognize that you need help. Plus, the time you are stressing over the laundry can now be spent with your kids and husband.

  2. Thanks, Danni. I still haven’t found a housekeeper, but I’m searching!

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