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Top Ten Questions & When Life Gives you Lemons

Boys, hubby, baby and I are doing well. I figure I’ll answer all the questions I’ve been getting in real life.

1. How did this happen? I’m going to leave that one alone.

2. Is this your first pregnancy? This is seemingly a harmless question, but when you think about it, it’s really not appropriate. When I say no, and then you ask if it’s my second, and I say, “no, it’s my sixth” with a smile- then what. Awkward moment. Now, I know what they meant to ask is, “is this your first baby?” and even still, when I say it’s my third, I can see the thought bubbles pop out of their heads and float away. Bubble: Hmmm… She looks awful young for three kids. Bubble: How old are the other ones? Bubble: Is she married…..

3. Was this planned? Such an inappropriate question. No, this was not a surprise. We are very excited to be expecting number 3. It’s been hard for me to enjoy the intimacy of pregnancy so far, because we’ve started telling folks, and I’m really sensitive about sharing our news so excitedly when we know so many folks that have recently lost babies, can’t have babies, or are currently going through fertility challenges. I don’t want to seem too excited and appear be rubbing it in their face. It seems like when you’re sensitive about it, everyone you know is pregnant. I’m not really the type who rubs their belly in public, but I want to be. I want to cherish every moment I am having, because last time was such a horrible experience, and I want this time around to be totally different.

4. Are you really hoping for a girl? Now, how do I answer this. I honestly really wanted our last pregnancy to be a girl, but now I am grateful for whatever we’re blessed with, boy or girl. With three boys, their closeness will be so awesome to witness. For the Lion to have a baby brother, it would melt my heart. There are so many boy toys to share, clothes to pass down… we’ve got the boy thing down pat. And on the other hand, a girl would be a totally new territory for us. I’d go crazy with purple (never pink) dresses for her. Her hair would be so gorgeous, and she and I would go everywhere together. So I am excited either way it goes. I think we’ll find out in about 5 weeks!

5. Have you told the boys? Hubby told the boys right away. They are very excited and frequently ask when the baby is coming. They promise to share their toys, to be gentle, and to be excellent helpers. I predict they’ll be surprised at just how little the baby will be. I think the Lion may expect the baby to be physically able to play with him from day one, so the disappointment, coupled with the massive amount of sleeping, eating and crying may be a surprise for him. I also think the nursing thing will throw the Lion for a loop. I predict he’ll demand more time than I may have to offer, but we’ll see.

6. How are you feeling? I feel pretty good for all the juggling that goes on in my life. I didn’t have the extreme exhaustion I remember with Gadget. This could also be because I don’t have time to be tired, let alone the time to notice exactly how tired I am.

7. Have you had any morning sickness? I believe that after I get pregnant, and as long as the baby sticks, I have fairly easy pregnancies. I’ve had the standard symptoms creep up as the trimesters pass, but for the most part, I have no complaints. No morning sickness. Not with a single baby. I do, however, have dog nose. I can smell things from across the room, which is more of a curse than a blessing. BO, bad breath, stinky toes, I can smell it all.

8. What have you been craving? With Gadget it was beef (primarily do to an iron deficiency). We always knew I was pregnant when pot roast appeared on the table. I craved hamburgers, spaghetti, steak (specifically rib-eye, lots of rib-eye), tacos, hot dogs, any form of cow. Then with the Lion, I made spaghetti at least once a week, and then the lemon tarts started. When we lived in Manhattan, I’d stop at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle and spend five dollars on a lemon tart. This time around, I started taking iron pills before we conceived, so I’ve been able to stop salivating at cows and focus on other cravings. It’s only been one thing. Lemonade. Fresh squeezed, pasteurized, from concentrate, you name it. Why is my body so fascinated with lemons? Everyday for lunch I have a Tropicana lemonade. I made hubby buy a jug from Chik-fil-A (yes, I know it’s not pasteurized, but I couldn’t help myself). For this reason, I think this one may be another boy.

9. I almost forgot the best question. Is it twins? No. Are you sure? Yes. The fun thing about pregnancy is that my body experiences muscle memory. As soon as those hormones ramp up, those joints and tendons loosen faster than a teenage boy trying to tear off his pants… I digress. Basically, what I’m saying is, I noticed a bump around week 7, and some folks have even been courageous enough to ask me if I’m expecting, so there is definitely a visible belly. I didn’t show with Gadget until about 20 weeks, so this is very different for me. I wasn’t ready to share the news so soon with strangers, but the time has come. Yes, my belly button is sticking out, and no, I have not busted out the maternity pants. I refuse to admit I can’t fit in my jeans anymore.

10. How many kids do you want? This one is classic. Let me say this once and for all. I want 30. There. Take that Duggars.

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4 Responses to “Top Ten Questions & When Life Gives you Lemons”

  1. Candace Sebro says:

    I love your posts girl!!! I look forward eagerly to reading about you and Kevin’s journey through life!

  2. Danni says:

    Great answers, thanks for sharing. You’re right some of the questions are a bit forward.

    “..Bubble: Hmmm… She looks awful young for three kids. Bubble: How old are the other ones? Bubble: Is she married…..”

    That part killed me!!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats to you and Kevan! I am thrilled for you both–
    great parents with gorgeous kids! God bless!

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