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Lion Update II

The Lion hasn’t changed much since my last Lion update. He is still in love with animals, and has great control over his body, and we’ve found a way to support these passions. The best thing about him is his voice. I’ll have to find some time to make a video with him, because his voice is a deep, raspy one, that makes him who he is. The Lion is content when he has company, whether it’s eating at the table (he shares his snacks so that he’s not eating alone) or making sure the whole house is awake so that he has playmates.

Somehow he’s become frightened of alligators, and I abuse this information in order to get him to go to bed sometimes. He is a true cowboy at heart. He wears his boots to school almost everyday, and whinnies every time we pass a horse (which is normal to see on the way to school where we live). He is a foot man, and could have you do ‘this little piggy’ on his feet for hours. I use this tactic to calm him when he’s upset.

I can say that after this week at home he is fully potty trained. The most hilarious thing about his bathroom habits is that before he goes toots, he does what we call the ‘toots dance,’ and begins running around the house. Even Gadget can point out the toots dance. It’s nice to have a warning before the stink fills the air.

He started gymnastics a few weeks ago and is a pro. He can do forward rolls, bear crawls, build-the-house, and jump backwards on the trampoline. In a few months he’ll skip to Gadget’s class. When I remember, I make sure to put on his Mickey Mouse pajamas under his clothes because he is a true fan and legitimate member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

He still loves to eat. His favorite foods include edamame and bananas (so different from his brother). If he doesn’t grow up to be a cowboy, he’ll be a pediatrician, because he LOVES babies. This excites me, because maybe one day he’ll be a big brother. His nastiest habit is nail biting. He even bites his toe nails. It is comical to watch because of the contortion required to do so, but still very very nasty. Sometimes Gadget helps out and bites his toe nails for him. Super nasty. He is his own man, and he doesn’t care what the crowd is doing. In a new environment, he’ll sit back an observe for a while before introducing himself and warming up to folks (unless your name is Morgan Mindy).

In addition to horses, he loves to make animal sounds and could watch animal planet all day. He can tell you that parrots say, “polly wanna cracker,” and of course, he can do the best Lion roar. He loves me to bits (he has come a long way from his daddy struck phase), as well as naps in the car, and any form of pampering. This includes lotioning his legs, cleaning his ears and nose, and cutting his toe nails if Gadget hasn’t already got to them.

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3 Responses to “Lion Update II”

  1. Akil Bello says:

    hey! sounds like the boys are doing really well! hope all is well. i’ll see you next time I’m in TX

  2. Danni says:

    These letters/updates are great and would make a good book as a gift to each of them one day.

  3. Morgan says:

    I LOVE this! Totally made my day. I can’t believe it took me 2 months to click on the “Latest Loves” link! Give those two a huge hug for me.

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