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Dallas Ain’t No Minneapolis

Today is ice day number two. The boys’ daycare and my work are closed. Oh, and Coserv keeps intermittently shutting off the power. We’re literally trapped inside a cold house because the roads are hibernating under a sheet of, what looks like, the frozen tundra. Growing up, I used to not-so-affectionately call my hometown the frozen tundra, but there a several things I appreciate about Minnesota (and yes, there are black people in Minnesota, in addition to Prince, Kirby Puckett and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis). For one, the city was equipped and ready with professional inclement weather machines. When it snowed, the roads were clear well before 5 AM. Granted, ice storms did slow down even Minneapolis, but a sand truck would have passed by my home by now if I was still living in the Twin Cities. Minneapolis has hundreds of snow plows, salt and gravel trucks. Most Minnesotans keep chains in their trunk, in case they needed extra traction around their tires in emergencies.

I remember the extreme weather as a little girl… the four foot snow drifts, wearing a face mask to walk my miniature Schnauzer, Strawberry (clearly named after Strawberry Shortcake), and rolling down front lawns to avoid icy staircases when I had a paper route during January of 1998. I think the paper route job requires a little explanation. I wanted spending money, and my parents didn’t want an after school job to hinder my academic performance, plus I did tennis and track. So, because paper routes are worked in the middle of the night, I was allowed a weekend carrier route. It didn’t interfere with school, and I made some nice change. Back to the present… My eighteen years in Minnesota mean that I have been well trained in inclement weather. The only problem is that Dallas has not. I cannot even get out of my driveway. Hopefully, I can click ‘Publish’ on this post before Coserv turns off the power again and takes my router’s juice with it. We’re down to a few drops of cranberry juice, plenty of rice, some eggs and frozen salmon. A grocery run will soon be warranted.

It hailed through the night two days ago, and this is what the alley behind the house looks like. As I walked down the driveway, I slide my way to the grass to get some traction. Unless it warms up, or the city gets it act together, we’ll be iced in tomorrow as well. Hint, hint… I won’t be at work tomorrow and I have proof of good reason not to be.

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