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Ikea Pottytrained my Son

My last trip to Ikea was circa 2005, so a few things have changed since I last visited one. Yesterday, I took the boys to look for playroom furniture (which I found- the Trofast storage system seems perfect), and I realized Ikea is the most mommy-friendly store. There was a huge cafeteria which served three item meals for $2.49. There were free diapers in the clean, family bathroom, which had a low toilet seat for Gadget. And the kicker… Småland. What is Småland? An indoor play area that you can check your kids into while you shop. While I shop? You’ll watch my kids? Gadget was so excited to play in there. There a few requirements, such as minimum and maximum heights, and one other rule. At first, I though this one other rule was super annoying: your child must be 100% potty trained. But then, after the Lion realized he couldn’t go in and I explained to him that it was because he doesn’t want to sit on the potty, he promptly went pee and toots on the potty when we got home.

I explained, and he understood, that there are certain privileges in life that come with potty training. He sat on the toilet and waited and then pushed, and it was wonderful. And he followed it up today by going pee-pee on the toilet at school. I’m so proud of him and thankful to Ikea.

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