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Tei Tei

On one of our first weekend’s in Texas, hubby took me out on the most romantic date I’ve ever been on. It was romantic because it was just the two of us out on a Friday night – not a frequently occurring event in our household. We went to Tei Tei which is a robata bar. A robata bar is a charcoal grill used by the Japanese, which you sit intimately next to and encircle. Our seats were right under the grill. The chefs are just an arm’s length away from the fresh fish. When you place an order, they grab the ingredients and cook in front of you. The smells waft over you and you can’t wait for your entree to be done. We had the seabass, which was, with the exception of Chef Andrew’s cooking, the best food I’d had in Texas. It was marinated, and tasted buttery and delicious, but was still light and flavorful.

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