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Tastefully Yours

Last weekend we attended a couples cooking class with one of the church’s we’ve been visiting in Texas. We ended up there because of the lovely couple pictured above. I met Leslie while attending MLT’s MBA prep program. Leslie and I work for the same company and she invited to attend the woman’s bible study at her church. I enjoyed the experience, came back for more and signed Hubby and I up for the couples cooking class.

The class was located in a tiny quaint blue house in Grapevine, TX. Inside is a renovated farmhouse from 1925, with a warm and intimate kitchen. The evening started with jalapeno lemonade. It was absolutely disgusting (Hubby loved it)! And that was the ONLY thing I tasted that night which my taste buds didn’t like. For an appetizer Chef Andrew made homemade chips and bean dip. The chips were so fresh they were still warm. Chef Andrew prides himself in using fresh, local ingredients.

The kitchen looked worn and trusted. The walls were covered in yellow, fruit-speckled theme, which made me feel welcome and cozy. There was a covered sitting bench, which I adored. I could have cuddled up with a Pearl Cleage book and inhaled all the aromas swarming in the culinary nook. During the evening, everyone was put to work. Some folks prepared the salad, some the entree, and I worked on the dessert. As meals were plated, we also

Salad, the first course, was a clove-soaked pear, crumbled blue cheese, candied walnuts and raspberry vignagrette. The pear tasted of the holidays, and the candied walnuts were sweet and nutty. For the main entree, the men grilled the skewers. Everyone was outside, except the men from the Caribbean. Somehow, they found themselves in the warmth of the kitchen, surrounded by women.

The men grilled bacon-wrapped skewers and vegetables. When everything was plated, the grilled veggies were topped with peppercorn and parmesan cheese. The skewers were topped with the best poultry drizzle I’ve EVER had. It was a raspberry chipotle sauce. Chef Andrew said that he simmered raspberries, apple sauce, vinegar and chipotle peppers into a reduction. I’m sure there were other ingredients in it, but this seemed to be the essence of it. It was the best part of the meal, except dessert.

This lovely couple below is so cute, I wanted to share their pic. I cooked dessert with the wife, and her hubby was the other Caribbean fellow hiding out from the cold in the kitchen while the mens were grilling. The second couple leads the couples ministry and sat at our table. They are engineers, just like us! Go NSBE!

And finally, we get to the dessert. I have to start with this – I did not like bread pudding until I tasted Chef Andrew’s. We started with buttered breadcrumbs, and placed them into cooking dishes. They were drizzled with sugared craisins and caramel. We poured the egg mixture into the bowls, which featured lemon zest (strained out), star anise (that’s what Candise is smelling below), heavy cream, and of course eggs. This was baked for a looooong time. The final product was sprinkled with powdered sugar, and was so good that hubby had two.

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  1. Vena says:

    looks like an amazing time. hubby and i are Couples Ministry Directors. very cool outing this was. might have to “borrow” 😉 thanks for sharing

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