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The Hip Infection Part I

On Wednesday, May 19, I started getting a little worn out. I had been doing a lot those past weeks, and as you can tell, I hadn’t written in WEEKS. At work, there was a lot of commotion as we had just launched a lot of activation around the Sex and the City 2 movie launch. As I got up from my desk to head from meeting to meeting, I noticed my hip was starting to hurt. I had a slight limp beginning, but I could handle the tiny pings of pain, so I kept on going. Wednesday night, the pain had increased to the point where I could not sleep. In the middle of the night I took some Motrin, and then watched videos on hulu until my eyes could not bear their own weight anymore.

On Thursday morning, the pain had really accelerated. As I walked from the car lot into work, I realized I had a severely pronounced limp, and I could not swallow the pain to cover it up. When I got to the stairs, I had to take them one by one. Once inside, I took the elevator up one level and limped to my desk. This was ridiculous. I headed straight to the company doctor and and scheduled a 2 PM appointment to see the on-site doctor.

All day, I counted down to the appointment. The company doctor examined my leg, lifted, poked and prodded, and he was surprised by the amount of extreme pain I was in. He recommended I see an orthopedic doctor and sent me on my way with more Motrin. That night I stayed up until around 2AM from the pain, and then gave into a warm soak in the bath. I watched even more hulu and then forced myself to sleep so that I could function the next day. Functioning was very important, because I was running a sampling event, and I had all the products and signage and give-aways in my cube. I had made an early morning appointment to see the orthopedic surgeon, even though I had a billion things to do for work. The doctor met with me and did a series of x-rays. The examination was excruciating! He asked me to lift and twist and bend as he sought to identify the source of my almost overnight-appearing pain. It was at his office that I learned the pain was really so bad I could not lift my leg higher than a few centimeters off the table. He also noted that my muscle weakness was extreme, as I could not lift my leg not only because of the pain, but because my muscle physically refused to operate.

The doctor told me that he believed that something serious was going on inside of me. My x-rays came back fine, but he did not know the exact cause of the pain, but in his expert opinion I either had appendicitis, an infection from the miscarriage or an infection in my muscle. I immediately ruled out the infection in the muscle, and began wondering if my appendix was about to burst. He told me that either way, I needed to go to hospital for a CT scan. The hospital!!! I couldn’t go to hospital because I had to be at work, in fact, in between x-rays I was calling co-workers asking them to help set up the event in my absence. The technician was nice enough to let me answer my calls in between scans. But I also couldn’t walk. As I left the examination room, I was fitted with crunches because my right hip made me wince. When I got home I called hubby and asked him to come home, as he was working in the city that day. He hopped on the train and I picked him from the station. Driving was even painful, and I almost got into an accident, as the pain was worsened by switching from the gas to the break pedal. Hubby took over the wheel, and we drove straight to my OB.

I was concerned that I had an infection left over from the miscarriage, and I wanted to rule that out asap. It was the first time my mid-wife met Hubby, as my previous OB appointments were usually during lunch. She examined me and did an ultrasound, and guaranteed me that I did not have OB-related infection. This made me feel better, and then we returned home. I took my Motrin and we headed for the CT scan. Back at home, I had to go through another night of the pain. I cried from the pain and couldn’t believe how debilitating it was. The next morning, the orthopedic surgeon called with the CT scan results and instructed me to go the ER. He said that whatever it was could not wait until Monday morning. So, on Saturday, we packed the car with the boys and headed to the Stamford Hospital ER. After I was given a bed behind a curtain, the doctors came in one after another, baffled by my condition. They scheduled a pelvic MRI, and then we waited. They gave me Toradol for the pain, but it didn’t make an ounce of a difference. Right before the MRI (which requires me to lay flat still for a long period of time, putting pressure on my hip, which is why sleeping was no painful) I asked for more drugs, and this time they came through with Morphine. Now this is where things first start to get fuzzy.

I received the preliminary results from the day before’s CT scan, and each doctor had a different opinion. As I waited for the results from the MRI, I was also sent for an ultrasound, because they were concerned with there was something OB related (even though I had already confirmed there was not anything wrong with my OB), I had about an hour’s worth of ultrasound testing. This was very painful as well. When I got back to the room, everyone was gone, as the kids were hungry and Hubby took them to grab lunch. At this time, the ER staff decided I needed to be admitted for observation because they didn’t know what was going on. There was an infectious disease doctor that the hospital trusted and he appeared to have the answer to everything, so they waited for him to call back and provide advice for my condition. His name was Dr. Parry and he appeared to be well respected. Just before Dr. Parry called, my temperature spiked, and I was officially admitted to Stamford Hospital.

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